We deliver energy

for you

The rooftop of every house is empty and that is where we come in. We can fit our quality solar panel on your rooftop regardless of whether it is roofed or not at cheap price. You can make current out of the solar energy and sell the remaining energy to KSEB. Thus the long term investment of a solar is never meant to be neglected.

Our Speciality

Exchange any inverter you own regardless of company or brand and own a solar inverter. And also get higher exchange price for your old inverter. You can watch the working of solar panel live in our shop. We will also take you to visit our sites where we have implemented solar panels. If you don't know whether we will take your inverter, just WhatsApp us your Inverter number and a photo of the battery and our technician will get in touch. If your car battery goes down within 10km our shop's radius, just give us your address and our technician will come ASAP and change the battery. Our technician will come to the site to fix solar panels, batteries and more. We also deliver Exide, Amaron, Automotive batteries to your location. All our solar batteries have 5 year replacement warranty.


is our guarantee

  • Per day you can make 8 unit of energy from a 2KW solar.
  • Per day you can make 12 unit of energy from a 3KW solar.
  • From 5KW solar, you can make 20 unit of energy.
  • You can change to solar inverters without changing your current inverter.
  • We will change your current off grid inverter to on-grid inverter without a need for battery.
  • We will install 2KW to 100KW inverter anywhere within Kerala.
  • On Grid Solar Power Plant.
  • Off Frid Solar System.
  • Solar Inverter.
  • Only branded products.
  • Handles service of any companies inverter.